Arely Cordon Body Painting

Arely Cordon Body Paintingstarted in October of 2008. Me and my fiance were planning our wedding and had to pay for it all on our own. We kept trying to come up with ideas. I saw the Halloween make up and it hit me, why don't I try this out. Before then, I had two jobs, and still do, I am a ride operator at Disneyland and I work for the Santa Ana Unified School District as a Clerk. I now have added jumper rentals to my business as well as balloon twisting. I have Mehron, Wolfe and Snazaroo paints. I tend to favor Wolfe because I love how it takes little water to activate it. I feel like I have more control with wolfe. I love to paint tigers and cheetah, its so simple but it never seems to amaze me how different and realistic the person looks once your done. I would be nowhere as a face painter without my lovely and patient 5 year old girl. Poor thing, when I first started she had mommy face painting her 5 different designs a day so that mommy could get the practice, she never once complained.

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